The org.codenarc.report.XmlReportWriter class (type=”xml”) produces an XML report of the CodeNarc results.

Note: This XML format is still being refined and is subject to change. Contact me if you have specific requirements or suggestions.

See a mrhaki blog post about creating custom CodeNarc HTML reports using XSLT.

Option Nested Elements

The option element is a child of the report element and defines a report-specific option for a report.

org.codenarc.report.XmlReportWriter supports the following options:

Attribute Description Default
outputFile The path and filename for the output report file. Value of defaultOutputFile
defaultOtputFile The path and filename for the output report file if outputFile is not specified. “CodeNarcXmlReport.xml”
title The title for the output report.  
writeToStandardOut Set to true to write out the report to stdout (System.out) instead of writing to a file. false


Here is an example Ant XML build file illustrating configuration of org.codenarc.report.XmlReportWriter. Note that the report type is specified as “xml”.

    <taskdef name="codenarc" classname="org.codenarc.ant.CodeNarcTask"/>
    <target name="runCodeNarc">
            <report type="xml">
                <option name="outputFile" value="reports/CodeNarcXmlReport.xml" />
                <option name="title" value="My Sample Code" />
            <fileset dir="src">
                <include name="**/*.groovy"/>